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    TO: lambjam316 - Regarding your recent "apology": you state "IF" there have been times that (you) have been too harsh with some people"??? Young lady, you ride roughshod up one side and then down the other of everyone who even suggests an opinion different from yours.Notice I said "yours" not "GOD's" I never cease to be amazed at how blind the Hard Hearted Christian is.They couch words in ways that even turn compliments into digs just to stroke their own egos. In rampant conceit, they rail about "their rights" to speak out "against the darkness" without ever realizing they are making converts "to Hell".

    Personally, I fail to see how this could ever be an enviable position for a Christian. I much prefer suiting up in my God-given Deposit Of Light every morning which naturally dispels The Darkness where ever I go "without any effort on my part". My determination to live from this position isn't "proof" of "spiritual panty
    waistedness".Neither is it evidence of an inability to stand "for" something, as you like to diagnose those whose behavior doesn't align with yours.Any Darkness that is stupid enough not to flee when God's Presence in me shows up, has the unique privilege of being smote by my Sword.A 'real Christian' has the Resurrected Christ living in them, which results in their Earthly address being Mark 16:15-18 "He said to them,"Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned (by the way,"I" am not responsible for "doing the condemning" in any way, shape, or form; that duty belongs solely to The Only Holy, Sovereign God).And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name THEY WILL DRIVE OUT DEMONS; THEY WILL SPEAK IN NEW TONGUES; THEY WILL PICK UP SNAKES WITH THEIR HANDS; AND WHEN THEY DRINK DEADLY POISON, IT WILL NOT HARM THEM AT ALL; THEY WILL PLACE THEIR HANDS ON SICK PEOPLE, AND THEY WILL GET WELL."The battles they encounter as they daily live out the Christian Faith don't "belong" to them themselves, they are "God's".You, however, WITH YOUR BATTLES AGAINST THE DARKNESS, appear to have created your own idolatrous religion, dear, with yourself installed as the goddess."You" don't have to "defend God's Word". It has already proven its own ability to do so since before the beginning of time.You are supposed to defend 'your faith', daily, through the Blood of Lamb and the Testimony of YOUR word (Rev. 12:11).This means that you are supposed to give Christ's work the opportunity to have its way in every part of your life to the degree that your every thought, word, and deed is conquered by obedience to The Word of God. Instead of "seeking to be calmer (sic)" about the tendency for your "boldness" into harshness" you should have KILLED IT COMPLETELY.There is no place for such things in the heart of a true Christian.If YOUR heart was properly filled with the Risen Christ, there would be no room for such other things.The fact that those things "ARE" there is evidence that you are sorely lacking in genuine face-to-face relationship with Father God. You can't be in His Presence and not be cleaned up.Holiness burns away all defilement.The debris that you are spreading around on this forum (I think you call it 'zeal') won't be found in a True Christian; it will have been burned away and replaced with a Holiness that reproduces 'itself' everywhere that person goes.We are supposed to be "Fruit Inspectors", but You have just been graded according to the scales that you yourself have used.One other thing: I see you telling others here on the board that they should not be publicly addressing the errors and misdeeds of fellow Christians on this board in front of the "non-believers".Here, again, are your unfair weights and measures. You don't seem to understand that it is wrong to blatantly denigrate non-Christians (who are considered by God to be His Children) before the Christians (and non-Christians)

    Hi there, forget about the rebuke. Christians are never wrong when defending the word of god. Period. They may GO ABOUT IT wrong, but THEY ARE NEVER wrong. And they have the scripture to back it up. As we have seen.

    But the truth is, they are no different than anyone else. And they show it. Regardless of the gord being in their life or not. As we have seen.
    For the most part a christian will never apologize for their actions of their OWN accord, they must be prompted by the holy ghost first. "I have been convicted of this terrible sin and jeeezus waants me to apologize!" Okay, fine.

    In essence they are not sorry for being a royal ass, but for jesus they will be. Now, not all christians are guilty of this before a christian accuses me of another blanket statement ( or as we call it.. the fallacy of generalization!) But go figure.... god forgave her, so who are YOU to judge this righteous vessle of the gord?? ( although you are right of course)



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