Can I Write the Bible??

  • Now you too can have a bible just follow my simple steps below gentle reader!!
  • Q:
    I have written a new book for the bible. I was wondering how I go about submitting it?

    This is easy. You must first gather unto you about a thousand adherants to a relgion you craft. Then you register it in california (it takes only 100 poeple to stand in court with and say "I believe them" i think) anyway, then you take the bible, add your book to it, then reprint it. Be sure to use the KJV as it has no copyrights on it.... reprint the bible with your book in it and it will then become an "offical" bible of your religion.

    You could add some weight to it by being a martyr for it as well. Pretty much would cinch it for you there as well. But the down fall to that is you would be dead, and could not really enjoy your bible book that YOU wrote and is OFFICIAL CANON for YOUR religion.

    See I told you it was easy!


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