Do I have a Purpose??

  • This answer is more serious than any other to this point I think, and shows that we can have a purpose in our life, as defined by us. And not the notion of god being this purpose.
  • Q:
    As a Christian I believe I have a call on my life from God, a purpose I was made for.
    What is Your calling, if you have one?

    Well at one time I would have said my calling was the ministry. But no longer.
    You are implying a purpose to life in an objective sense here , there is no purpose in our life, save the one WE give it. Life has no purpose it just IS. Anything we feel drawn to and makes us happy will be claimed as a calling. Or a purpose. For some people it is a clear cut defined thing, for others it is a general feeling and open to change.
    There are things in this life I enjoy. So one of my "callings" will be to enable me to have these things. I will work for the things I enjoy having. I will also enjoy the things I have worked for, another "calling" being the hobbies I have.
    Satire and sarcasm are another one of the things I enjoy. Being facetious has a charm to it. I enjoy making others think, and if it is upsetting for others that I make them think, then so be it. Sounds mean, but it is not, I am not mean for nothing, and I do not veiw what I do as mean. Others may, but that is all subjective predudices playing a role. My calling may be this.


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