Damn them rabbits!!

  • This question was to another, and about why the bible says rabbits chew the cud, which they don't but yet do because the bible says so. The person asking this or stating this is a real piece of work. Critical thought is not one of their strong points. In fact I would imagine a logical thought would almost cripple this person.GLORY!!
  • Q:
    You can find your answer to the question of the "Hare" by searching Yahoo. Type in (hare, unclean cud chewing).

    Of course there is no error in the scriptures. You get to pull amazing mental gymnastics to get out of any problem presented you. Or you start with the assumption that it is the perfect word of a living god, assuming this god exists, and then offering the bible as proof of the existence of this god. Going in a circle. Facts be damned, reality ignored. When pressed to a certain degree, you then go after the doubter, and call his "spiritual nature" into play. Or the natural man argument, backed by the bible, yet again. With out esbtablishing your god-construct to be real in the first place.
    Having read a few of the links from the search, it all boils down to this: the hebrews did not really have the science we have, and they were not wrong then. And even though the hare does not chew his cud, he does in fact chew his cud. But it is not cud but dung.
    Either way it goes, your god cannot lose. You make double sure of that.
    You know after talking to the majority of christians, it is pointless, you are locked in your paradigm, and do not wish to leave the safety of your box. To think for yourself is anathema to your belief. To question your belief is anathema.
    But the funny thing is this, you wish US to consider your side. Regardless of wether or not we have before. And then when given problems, the gymnastics come out, and the apologetics.


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