Hippy Ass Jesus??!

Spiritgrrl Asked

Q: Check this out...what an awesome contrast to the superficial, capitalism-worshipping, cookie-cutter, materialistic, Republicanized, suburbanized, McDonald-ized mass produced white bread Christianity I see all over America...the liberal Christian hippy homepage:


So, the question begs to be asked: Was Jesus a hippy? And, would he have voted Republican in the last election?

BTW, for the humor-impaired: If you don't want to have your sense of humor rated by moi, don't go to the trouble of responding. The Lord knows I wouldn't want to offend your delicate sensibilities.


Insane Preacher answered:

A: hell, jesus was a pimp daddy. he had the disciples all over him, and had them go out and push the lord. also reading lambs answer.... seems that there is this threat there huh? the sky pixie will judge you. well... just think it if they did clone jesus, and if the clone jesus thought it was all funny what then?

as for the hippy thing... he may have been more gothic and a bit more of a welfare case than real hippy. but i likes the pimp daddy thing.... yo get dat ass up dere and bring me a soul!!

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