Cloning and Killing 1!

Earthrhino Asked

Q: If the shroud of Jesus were a true artifact or if we had some other piece of Divine DNA, what would you think about cloning Jesus?


Insane Preacher answered:

A: What the hell go for it. Why not? Jesus would be interesting to see actually. And if you did use the shroud to do it with I bet he would look just like a berry tree of some sort. Or maybe one of the many monks that handled the thing. Heck we could make an army of jesus' to battle the evil army of the elvii that has grown. And just think about the rights to jesus! McDonalds could have jesus work the drive through, and bless the food as it goes out the window. And since he is god and all, he would never goof up the cash drawer.... nor would he short change the customer. Also if the customer should wave of the hand and a stern look of god and POW! no more complaint.

Yes we should clone the lord. Oh yeah, and if we did in fact clone the lord many times over you could finally get rid of those nasty wafers that the catholic church uses, and really give them a chunk of the lord!!!!!!!



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