Well gentle readers, it seems as if the Insane Preacher has pissed a few sheep off at the Yahoo Forums. This page will have my question I asked the forum, and the answers received. My questions will be bold, and the answers normal print.

Q: Gary, no I do not get all flustered. I apply the logic that the christians employ to defend their belief, it sucks I know, but it does point to the utter hopelessness of the theist position. By hopelessness I mean it so: you have a belief, nothing more. It is all faith based. Period. There is no hard solid irrefutable evidence for this god, and the offering of the christian's for evidence is either emotional based, I don't have a clue based, there has to be a creator circualr reasoning, design tautology, you are a natural man argumentation, Pascal's Wager...etc..etc...

I just pull the same stunts as the christians do, and even within my answers and comments. Just replace certain things with religious sayings, and gods.... and you have a christian. Although when all logic fails the christian, he must resort to faith, and emotion based reasoning.

As displayed by others here, logic is lacking. I guess I lack the holy spirit logic, and thus cannot fathom why you believe as you do. Although when it is mentioned I was once a fundamentalist inerrancy southern baptist christian on the way in the minstry, I never really knew the lord.

Will you discount my subjective experiences as nothing, and yet wish to me to listen to yours and count them as valid?

Would you and any other christian here be honest enough to admit you have a belief and nothing more?

A: SIR,.... i see you have never met me before. I find that your comments are erroniuse in every facet and word. I have scientific and legaly acceptable proof of the divine inspiration of Gods word. IN 37 years of study and research i have found more evidence and proof than i can share with you in 10 years.
Your statement begs the question and is flat out WRONG and i resent your poorly hidden attempts to demand that everyone agree with you. To start i reccomend you read Josh Mcdowells books 'EVIDENCE THAT DEMANDS A VERDICT". AND COME UP TO SPEED WITH THE CURRENT SCHOLARLY LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING
Your problem is common and simple,... you have never fed you soul with any REAL desire to KNOW or understand the facts.
so if you are intelligent and respectful and want to understand , then contact me and we shall see if you are able to hear the truth.
Sincerely ,


From lambjamm316
A: If you really wanted to be like us would be so vile towards God and your proud heart would let Him take over. There is no proof that you would take. You don't really want proof. All you seem to want is to continue to show just how much you don't know about God, the bible and christians. You act as though we don't know what we are like and we need you to tell us. There is something to be said about those that think they know it all - They think they know it all! Only those who are on a deliberate mission like you, will look at the birth of a baby or the complexity of the ocean and say there is not an intelligent God that made these things out of love. I talk to alot of non-christians and MOST at least agree that there is a designer to the world. I must say, that you should consider your own logic before you complain about someone elses.


A: I freely admit that I have FAITH and nothing more. Which is much more than you have. Faith is not blind belief. It is trust in what One has assured. I find no contradiction in faith and logic. You might have been a fundamentalist, a proponent of inerrancy, and a Southern Baptist--I myself am two of those three--but the fruit you bear seems to indicate that you were much more the "professor" than the "possessor." And no, I am not judging, merely inspecting fruit.

Why don't you relate to us some of your "subjective experiences"?

"A belief and nothing more." Why, yes, sir, I have a belief and nothing more. And that is worlds more than you have



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