Why the ANGER??


Q: What is it with you Christians that whenever someone disagrees with your beliefs and calls them into question so many of you attrubute to ANGER!! Paranoia, perhaps? Are you in turn ANGRY at all of the gods you in turn do not believe in? Are you angry at Allah? Are you angry at Ahura Mazda? Anger at your particular god has nothing to do with my lack of belief in it. I also have a lack of belief in Sasquatch. Does then mean I am angry at Sasquatch because I have no valid reason to believe it exists either? Does this mean I am angry at Sasquatch because I do not believe in it? Illogical. Please explain. Only Christians can explain their rampant illogic. Or can they?

A: You are way toooo proud. You depend upon your intellect to much. Thus you are arrogant in this regard. Besides, the christian belief is not founded in logic or reason, it is founded in faith. And we all know what faith is.

When the christian cannot logically defend the belief, and has to resort to emotinal appeals, and faith based appeals, this angers them for the most part. That you question their faith does two things:
1. Places them in the position to justify their beliefs logically for the most part.
2. Makes them doubt as well. Regardless of what they may claim. I was there, in that boat, I am speaking from experience.

They then project this anger back at you for making them think. I have met a few christians that could back their belief semi logically. Then after all else failed it was the faith based plea.
This could be the reason for their anger. Also for the most part christians associate disbelief for being hurt by god, not answered prayer, chruch member did wrong by you, wanting to live a sin filled life, being mad at god.... it goes on and on

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