Why I am an Atheist                                   

  •  by Mark Napier.


I am an atheist because I do not believe in the existence of god. Any god. Period. 

 There is no evidence for a god, let alone the Christian god. No evidence, no belief. Nuff said. Some people do feel that there is indeed evidence for god, since they could really never comprehend anything other than that. There must be a god, how did we get here type reasoning. It comes down to this for the most part, they know nothing else, they have been conditioned to think this way from society, and from a very early age.

And as you all know good Christian tolerance being what it is, I get the same old character attacks time after time. Just a few for you here:

1. You can not deal with the absolute morals of god, and wish to live a sinful lifestyle.

2. You can not handle authority, and have to rebel.

3. You are filled with anger and hate.

4. You are ignorant to the proof around you, if millions see it why canīt you?

5. You must have been hurt by a Christian, or a member of the church.

6. God must not have answered a prayer you had, and now you are mad at god.

7. You have no clue about love. The meaning of love is unknown to you.

I could go on and on about this. But I wonīt. I would also like to point out that no matter what type of person I am, or was, or will be has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE POINT. I could be the worst person on earth, that would not make the lack of evidence for god go away, and make all nice nice again. Think about that.

It basically boils down to the fact that I just decided that I no longer believed in god, be it the Christian god, or any god for that matter. I have seen the evidences for this god, and have come to the conclusion that they are all just wishful thinking when you boil it down to the bare minimum.. AT one time I thought I had the proof, but that was just me wishing it was true, and ignoring the "evidence". Looking back today, I realize that it was nothing more than wishful thinking. The reasons I had for believing became more and more problematic for me to justify belief in a god. I have no hidden sins, no wish to live a "sinful" life, or simple rebellion against god, I just realized that I no longer believed. I "fell back upon the limited reasoning that man has", to quote a Christian friend of mine. " You have taken only the "natural man" position, and therefore lack that "spiritual sense". That is all Mark." Hmmmm. Natural world, natural man.

Just realize that this is the only life you get, and you should make a difference today, and not place your bets upon another afterworld, the value of this life is to high to just write it off for a "heaven". To think you will exist forever is just arrogant, and silly. I place a great value on everyday I wake up and see the sky, and breathe. Do you really know what it is to breathe? Think about that for a bit.

Oh yeah we wanted to touch upon atheism didn't we? Right, well it is basically this: EVIL AND EVIL!!! We think for ourselves, and all that. Oops. thatīs the Christian view.... um, basically it is a lack of belief in a god or gods. In a nutshell that is what it is. You could read ten different books on the subject, and get ten different answers, Oh well. You get over 1500 on Christianity. Go figure. Iīll look at atheism in another rant fit Iīll have for you gentle readers.

I may have gotten off track alot here, but that is okay, we are all human, and can not be perfect, nor would I wish to be.

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