The Visit.

  • By Squirrel

  • I was playing with an idea the other night, and it became this. It is a one act, one scene play. Hope you enjoy it.

  • Scene: The young lady appraoches a shady tree with a small bench besides it, overlooking the plot of grass with her back to us, we hear the voice of a young man speaking to her......

  • "Hello.
    Has it been that long already? It seems as though your last visit was yesterday. And an eternity till now.
    I have missed you so much. But you know that don't you? I know, I know, you miss me I can see it. I can
    feel it. Oh my, flowers for me? Hon, you shouldn`t have......

    Sorry I have not prepared for your visit, I know you were to come today, but I have not prepared. Sorry. I hope you understand. I would have loved to drink with you again. A lovely dinner would have been the greatest. You forgive me? Thank you. You always were a wonderful person.

    What have you been doing in your life? How are you? Spare me no details.... I lived for this information. I never get out anymore since that day......... shhh shhh I know, please don`t cry. It was a long time ago. Yes I know it still hurts. It always will. We will always remember that day.

    Yes, the weather is nice today. I was hoping it would be for your visit. The sun makes you look so much pretty, and the way it brings out the beauty in you, is pricelss. I am glad. I know, I always loved the sun in the park with you, and walking outdoors. It was wonderful was it not? Yes. I still cherish those memories. Yes I do. Remember that one day? The day we went for the walk in the woods, and it started to rain, and thunder? Yes..... we did run for that old house didn`t we? Lucky for us it was open and empty. Yes, and dry. I rememeber. I remember holding you in my arms as well..... yes and that too. There`s my girl... I lived for that smile.

    What? Oh yes it is late, my the time flew today. I know, I am suprised as well. Yes I know, you must go. I understand. I will miss you as well. You will always be my light, shhh shhh, I know. I will always be here. You know that. Okay, go now, shh... it`s okay really...... I know, the flowers are lovely. Prettier than last year..... they will hold for a long time. Yes, on the right side dear heart... next to the candle. It will make them glow in the night air. Bye my heart, I will always love you......... yes go , till next time."

    As the tears well in her eyes, she silently places the flowers upon the grave and walks away..........

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