Shallow and a TRUE CHRISTIAN?????                                  

by Squirrel

Greetings again gentle reader, it is I, Squirrel, yet again off on a rant about the things that piss me off. This time I hit upon the shallowness of the Christian chatter. Mainly the chatters from the Yahoo Chat Room, Christian Chat 2 "For Discussions about the Christian Faith" (CC2) . Also from CC3 as well.

 First off I would like to say, this entire article is based for the most part upon my observations as a regular in the CC2 Room. There is no official study, or documentation. So now that we have that out of the way we can continue....

The other day, I was in CC2, and was having a conversation along friendly lines about non religious issues, mainly how people felt about the eating of horse meat, dog meat and other non typical food stuffs. The conversation was nice, respectful and calm. Rational, easy and fun. As usual this one idiot entered the room and started talking all kinds of stupid crazy shit. So in good form, I went after him, and played along with the madness, and made the person look that more an idiot. Well, the Christians picked up on ONE phrase I used: "Your god-construct." And it went from there, the conversation turned to them asking me what I believed.

I told them I was an atheist, and did not believe in god, be it a christen god or another god. For the most part the conversation went nicely, and calm rational and respectful. Not the norm for the most part, but a welcome change. Anyways, there was two individuals in the room that would not address a single point I made, or a single issue I addressed. The one was more interested in showing his bible knowledge, and prowess in the word of god. Some of his observations were right about the scriptures, others were so out there, even I could not follow this guy. The second guy tried to address one topic, and this turned into a 15 minute soliloquy about some chick who was in their chat room the other day, just listening for over an hour, and when they asked her if she understood anything and had any questions, she replied no. She was not a Christian, and they said the sinners prayer together and BAM!! She was a Christian!! Then the next day he talked to the pastor that conducted the bible study this girl heard. The pastor said the girl told him that she had a gun to her head, and was going to kill herself. She pulled the trigger, and nothing happened, as the safety was still on. And this was obviously true because the holy spook told him so. When I questioned it, he was pissed.

After a few more minutes of my questions, and observations, the one chatter who pulled the boohoo personal testimony story of suicide girl, says the following to the others in the room: "I am going to ignore this atheist guy, he obviously never really knew jesus in his life, and will not listen to reason, by his fruits he does not want to learn about jesus. He thinks he is all smart, and knows it all, but he does not know the truth of jesus."

What the hell? I mean please, I was in the room, and we ALL were having a very good discussion about the definition of soul, about the concept of the Christian definition of soul, moral views on cloning, and the definition of truth. We ALL agreed that these views were all different, and that there was no one solid interpretation for them, and the possibility of their view point could be wrong. Apparently this was when the god guy started in about me. After we talked about my views, which lead to the souls questions, which lead to the cloning topic..... he did not like it that for everything he said, I had a calm rational response for it, that did not involve his god. Or any god for that matter. So he then went on the witness kick. When I questioned his personal testimony, he was pissed.

Then when I gave my views of personal testimony in regards to witnessing for his god, he made the statement listed above. I think this is shallow, and shows the true colors of the Christian making that kind of statement. The fact that he tried to tell me, and others what was an obvious FACT about me never really knowing jesus, or never having been a true Christian, then implied that I do not want to learn about his god. Not to mention an insult to my intelligence. When I grilled him on this point, and showed how wrong he was, and that all this does is make position weaker, he shrugged it off, and kept the arrogance of christ.

Then he started playing music as if to keep me silent, and if he decided the room did not need to hear this trash. In essence he took it upon himself to become the room monitor, and those who did not see his jesus was wrong, and will be drowned out. When I reminded him of the bible and what it tells the Christians to do in regards to questions, he laughed. "Shook the dust from his feet" and moved on. At this point I turned the voice off on the room, and pm'ed with a few of the Christians that agreed with me, and confirmed I was respectful. You can read the chats here.

I think it is shallow, and two faced. They wax self-righteous and holy in the rooms, and it sounds so fake. People know when they are being bullshitted, and that is what happened that day. And from one of their own kind as well!



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