Christianity taught me to differentiate, judge, classify and degrade humanity.

Buddhism taught me to love life, and embrace the reason to be alive, to be happy. Happiness within myself, in the removing of desire, and release from suffering. To view things from both sides, to attempt to halt all my hate.

God gave me an ultimatum and threatened me with hell if I did not believe in him.

Buddhism gave me the reasoning to find my own answers, and justify why I walk the eightfold path only to myself, and allow others to see my progress, and to allow that to influence others. 

Christianity taught me to believe in fairytale demons and monsters.

Logical thought taught me reality, and the ability to find the truth in any statement on the merits of the statement, and not an imaginary spirit without a body/mass/brain's word.

Christianity taught me that all people are not the same, and some are worse than others.

Freethought taught me that we are all human, and not perfect, and that the only fault man carries for his shortcomings is man himself, and not an evil demon thing that rivals gods power (even though it was created by this god).

Christianity taught me to place no value on this life and that this world is evil, and of satan...thus without value. That I should put my store in an imaginary land that I can only see after death.

Humanism taught me to love this earth and mankind, and to try and better it here and now, in order to make the future generations able to continue to live on this world, as there is no other world weŽll ever get to have. To better the living conditions for all mankind and not just a group of religious beings, that believe superstitious nonsense from thousands of years ago.

To make it better PERIOD.