Is the Christian God Impossible?                                

  • By Mark Napier

  • Throughout human history and even now, humans have believed in many different gods, often accepting that these different gods are coexistent. Traditional Christians, on the other hand, have a notion that the only god in the universe is the Christian god YHWH. Most Christians will insist that their god is the only god. Period, no ifs, ands, or buts. They state this as if it is an established fact of life. However, there are solid reasons to believe that the Christian god is impossible. These reasons arise from the contradictory description of YHWH given by traditional Christianity.

    Proving a Negative:
    Now, keep in mind this is not presented as a proof of any "god." You cannot prove or disprove "god," but the Christian god on the other hand, is very easy to show to be impossible, as most Christians define this god, as we shall see. Christians will claim you cannot prove a negative, so any attempt to show god does not exist is moot, and therefore not to be considered as serious or valid. In order for us to do this we would have to be all knowing, having nothing hidden to us in our knowledge of the universe and life. For if there is one tiny thing we do not know, then there within this tiny thing, exists the possibility that god or what ever "could" exist. I disagree.
    Why do I disagree? By the way that Christians traditionally define their god, they set the grounds for its own impossibility. If you assign traits and characteristics to a god that are in any way self-contradicting, then it only follows that it is an impossibility that this thing could exist. By its very definitions, this god's existence is also impossible. An analogy is the impossibility of cubic spheres. By definition, a cube has 8 corners, where as a sphere has no corners. I do not think I need to explain that one do I?

    Defining God:
    Now we move on to the beginning of the end for the Christian god. The attributes of this god as defined by the majority Christians themselves are:
    1. Perfect in every way.
    2. Omnimax: all-present, all-knowing, all-powerful, all-loving, and all-compassionate.
    3. Perfectly just, and righteous in every way.
    4. Testified to in a perfect book.

    The gist of Christianity is that their god created the world and that his creation was perfect until the humans caused imperfection, by breaking the laws of this god. Humans, thus, brought suffering and pain into the world, losing the perfection they at one time had. This set into motion the need for forgiveness from this perfect god. Those who repent, and accept the terms are granted bliss for eternity; those not fortunate enough to accept or realize this, spend eternity in torment.

    Now we will take a look at all the points above and see why I think the Christian god is impossible.

    Perfect in every way:
    God is said to be perfection, a perfect being that is perfect in every way, complete in every way. Now, if god was perfect, then what drove him to create? Being perfect means being complete, there is an equilibrium that would never be disturbed by anything. Yet, god created. Why? Was he lonely? Was he bored? Did he wish to see if he could do it? If he was lonely, how then was he complete and perfect? If he was bored, how then was he perfect? Was he complete? If this god was perfect, then he would need nothing, want nothing, do nothing. He would just exist. A perfect god that wants/needs/desires to create is impossible.
    Further, a perfect being, desirous of a perfect creation, would create a perfect thing. Yet this perfect god made an imperfect creation. Man is not a perfect creature, and is fallen as told in the Bible. Either god was not perfect, and therefore incapable of creating perfect humans, or god was not desirous of having a perfect creation, in which case we humans are supposed to be imperfect, and that brings up a whole new reason to doubt the Christian story. If the Bible is to be held as credible, then this god cannot be perfect.

    God is said to be omnimax: All Everything. As we will see this is another nail in the coffin for YHWH.
    All knowing: By looking at this one trait we can show how it contradicts the other "ALL" traits, and show this god is impossible.
    This god is said to know everything past, present, and future. This, in essence, rules out the possibility of being all powerful, since knowing how the future will be there is no way this all knowing god could change it in any way. An All Knowing and All Powerful god is impossible. This god knew from the beginning that there would be suffering. He knew from the start every scream, cry, and tortured moan his creation would endure. Thus he cannot be all loving and all compassionate at the same time. An All Knowing and All Compassionate/Loving god who creates beings he KNOWS will suffer is impossible.
    This god knows everything there is to know, yet it is claimed we have free will. God knows the decision we will make before we make it, and no matter what happens god knows before hand. There is no decision we could ever make that this god does not know about, and, because he is also all-powerful, no event he does not ultimately control. We are bound in a finite realm, and therefore cannot know the future before it occurs. Yet by the Christians' definition, god is not bound to our finite realm. We have the illusion of free will, nothing more. An All Knowing god and free will is impossible. I think we have presented enough reasons to see that the omnimax god of the Christians is impossible.

    A Perfect Book
    Almost every time the Christian will bring up the Bible in support of his religion. Many claim the bible is the perfect word of a perfect god. Yet when one looks at the bible, they come away with a different opinion. The book that is said to have all of humankind's answers, the moral foundation and guide for us to live by, save us from hell fire eternal, is wrought with more problems than you could shake a stick at. Given by this perfect god to IMPERFECT man, written in the imperfect language of man, translated into many different imperfect languages of imperfect man, voted upon by church councils as to which books are divine, interpreted by imperfect man. As we have seen above man is an imperfect creature, yet this god gives it his perfect word, knowing it will not be received properly. One only has to look to the different sects of Christianity to see this. No sect interprets the scripture the same.
    Another reason given by the Christians about the bible is all the prophecies within the book that have come true, with many of them all fulfilled by Jesus alone. One needs only read the passages in their proper context to see how they are not prophecy. For example just look at the virgin birth prophesy in Isaiah 7. Reading the verses in the proper context show that this is a sign given to King Ahaz. In chapter 8 of Isaiah the verse is fulfilled. Yet the Christians blindly point to this and smile in smug assurance that it is a proof for their god. As for another prophecy that never was we look to Ezekiel 29. In verses 9-12 and including parts of chapters 30 and 32, we are told that Egypt will be a desolate waste uninhabited, barren for a 40-year period, and that neither man nor beast will pass through Egypt. Also this perfect god, if it exists, has the means to give us all his divine will, and allow us to know him personally, yet all we have is a book written by imperfect man. Again another reason for the impossibility of the Christian god as defined by the Christian.

    I have offered arguments for what I believe shows impossibility of the Christian god, using the very words and definitions of the Christians themselves. Anyone who is reasonable and freethinking could not accept that this god exists. The very essence of this god is contradictory in nature.
    Many believe as a source of comfort, many believe based upon fear. As for me, I will believe in reality, and YHWH is not a part of reality.


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