The Happy Love Of The Christian!!!!


  • I was in the Yahoo chat rooms the other day talking amongst the sheep as usual in Christian Chat 2. When I received one of them love filled private messages from one of the christians there. I was soooo moved by the love displayed in the messages I had to share them with you gentle reader!!!

  • Here is the exchange. I am "hate_filled_pastry624" (god I love that name! and the sheep have no sense of humor.)

  • jcfever2000: you are a loser
    Yahoo! Messenger: jcfever2000 may be offline. If so, the message will still be sent and they will see it next time they log in.
    hate_filled_pastry624: you are delusional and?

    jcfever2000: get a life
    jcfever2000: you are a coward
    jcfever2000: get thee behind me satan

    hate_filled_pastry624: how am i a coward?
    care to explain?
    jcfever2000: christians dont have to prove anything to demons
    jcfever2000: turn or burn and youve made your choice,free will

    hate_filled_pastry624: you are pathetic.

    jcfever2000: you are a lonley,bitter person
    hate_filled_pastry624: umm nope, actually you are wrong again lol

    jcfever2000: i pray you find jesus,and if not i hope you never have children
    hate_filled_pastry624: wow you are so christ like! would jesus be as nasty and hate filled as you?
    hate_filled_pastry624: actaully, i lay you odds, i am a lot happier than you can ever be. you seem to fear anything that opposes your belief system. and when you find someone that is happy without your fear based hellfire belief, that scares you.

    jcfever2000: im not jesus,i am human and have falts,why bring up jesus if you dont believe in him?you dont understand the bible because you have to have the spirit of the lord.period!!satan
    jcfever2000: i only fear god
    hate_filled_pastry624: lol i bring up your myth simply because you seem to not know him or his teachings by your fruits. you are not even a semi good example of a christian, so am i to even take anything you say as anything other than fear based ignorance?

    hate_filled_pastry624: idiot?
    hate_filled_pastry624: wow you are so christlike

    hate_filled_pastry624: remember 1 peter3:15? and you call me an idiot? lol
    hate_filled_pastry624: your hatred makes me sad
    jcfever2000: TOO BAD
    hate_filled_pastry624: the venom held within your words is startling, and shows you to be nothing near a christian.
    hate_filled_pastry624: thank you for you hatred.
    hate_filled_pastry624: validates the incoherence of the belief of christianity.

  • The love of jeeezus. Stupid bastard.

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