Emotional Bullshit                                   

by Mark Napier

Well today it happened again, there I was in the chat rooms, spanking Christians yet again and doing rather well, when, all of a sudden there was a weepy request to speak, then it happened…….


“death in the family, sadness, and sorrow, but the person is with Jesus now, in heaven” weeping like voice, and all the trimmings.


And all this as if on cue. Hmmm fucking goofy if you ask me. It seems if they get their ass handed to them, one Christian has to share a devastating experience with a room of STRANGERS. Yeah right. Don´t get me wrong, I am not that much of a cold hearted bastard..(okay I am, thanks mom), I do understand the loss, and the sorrow felt. I also respect that , and will not mess with it, I will lay off, and not touch it. My heart felt sympathies really do go out to the people involved.


I think it is better left unsaid in a room full of strangers, I mean, come on, do you know all those people in the chat room? Hell no you do not. I would not just volunteer any info of that nature, it has no place there, plus, it always follows up when the Christians have a hard time answering the skeptic’s questions. At least that is how I have seen it the last few times. Go figure….


            BUT the most FUCKED up part is this, there is always one stupid irrational Christian that will use tragedy for god. This one person started preaching about god and eternal life getting Jesus in your heart blah blah blah, and referred to the death while doing it, and fucking pushed god through the emotional trauma inflicted by the loss of a loved one. Tactless, tasteless, and just plain fucked up. Yet again the lengths a Christian will go to, to push the sky pixie on us. And when confronted by me for it, it was like I was the bad guy or something. Oh well.

Instead of giving condolences, D1 (chat handle changed to prevent rational people from messing with this irrational Christian), just jumped on the proselytizing band wagon and preached the myth god yhwh and the bastard son Jesus Oops, did I blaspheme the holy ghost? Nope not yet, well the holly spook is actually god and jeeezuz so I guess I did huh? Guess I am sooo going to hell now.


            I could really care less what you believe, but hell, do not use tragedy, or emotion to try and push your stupid myth god on me or anyone else, and then get all mad when I look at you  like the sheep you are. And next time, please just leave the emotional shit alone, it will do your position worse than you could imagine. And I will just shrug it off and go about spanking irrational Christians again, not missing a beat

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