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  • Here is this weeks new Questions for Satan!! You can find the older questions here(click click)!! Satan's answers will be in BOLD text.

  • Hello Satan
    My name is Jason, and I have a small problem. You see I am married to a wonderful woman, and I love her very much. I am paranoid about her leaving me. My friend is a cool guy, and I know she likes him, I have to go away for a month because I am in the Army, and I am worried she will sleep with my friend. WHat shall I do??
  • Dear Jason
    Have no fear son, all she will do is let him give her a full on body massage, and finger her a little bit. Not too much more than that. Well maybe, but for some odd reason she was not really turned on, but wanted to have another man get her wet... so odds are if she does not screw your buddy, she will screw someone else. But, what can you do? well, knock her up for one thing. If she has a kid by you, then there is all the more chance she will stay with your sorry ass. Being high school sweet heart and the like usually ends with the girl turning into a slut and doing all kinds of men at once. Yeah knock her up buddy.


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