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  • This weeks question comes from Jeff. As usual, God`s answers will be in BOLD.

  • From Jeff
    I was wondering why you let people kill other people. If you are all about love, then I would think you would not let people kill your children. You seem to me like one of those cracked out welfare moms that sells her ass for coke.
  • I see.. potters clay tell the potter what to do, how to be, how to think. Get over it. I let people kill my children simply because I am bored, and it is entertaining. Let me entertain you bitch. And I have your mother Jeff. Oh yes... you just messed it up for her big time. You see, I contradicted myself in that book of mine when it came to the children not being punished for their fathers sins... but the truth of the matter is, hell yeah you can be punished for another's mess up. They are my rules! Beeeeooootch! So now mommy will be jobless and selling her ass to feed you and your stupid sister. THEN your sister will be the one to get hooked on crack, and sell her ass. Mom and sis will be a team out on the streets, all thanks to you Jeff.
    Yours truely....God



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