Who Are We??

by Sister Raven

Many times over the years, I have pondered the same question of old. Who are we? Where did our race begin? With what little is known, how can we come to a concrete conclusion? There is no documentable evidence that can be dated far enough into history to provide any real proof to our origins.
Of course, there are many who would argue with my theories. They would say, "Heretic! How canst thee reject the elders findings?" or better yet, "Pariah! Be gone from our midst." Of these things, I can only interject, show me the evidence of your profound origins theory.

How can these elders provide such information, when most are only a few centuries into their lives? They cannot. To impress upon the young that such ideas can be the only 'real' conclusion is pure ignorance.

Of course, gentle reader; you would assume that now I am professing ignorance, in the way of opposing the tales of such ancient age. But, how can we assume that they are of such age? Of course, radio carbon dating is not unknown to those of our kind. Many of the great leaps in science have been perpetrated by our own. Consider the vast research into human gene therapy and the more recent manufacture of blood that can be given to any human, without allergic reaction or rejection by the host.

But, I regress.

In any event, how can we acknowledge any text brought forth that confirms our beginnings? If we are to take a look at the ever popular role playing games of our time, and yes, I am aware that they are just that, games, we might find ourselves with a bit of truth. For, however they are portrayed, games, movies, and other imaginings of publishers and Hollywood writers, may have some sort of realistic influence.
Is that to say that one of our kind stood over the shoulder of these writers? Perhaps. Mayhap to throw humans off the 'scent' of us. Many have employed this sort of tactic, to romanticize something that cannot be understood by the human public.

Still, were we brought about by a curse from God himself? Did someone, someplace, commit such a crime that the earth actually wept tears of blood, discovered and drunk by some hapless human? Or, did Cain come across some new breed of human while wandering in the wilderness of Nod?
There are times, when I sit back and wonder, did everyone forget that in the Garden of Eden, God had made two previous images of himself? Adam was not the first. Think back, on God's thirst for blood and sacrifices. Would it be too large of a leap to link these two original humans to having that thirst as well? Very few have in their possession the Aramaic texts, which touch on the topic. In these texts, God had created two forms of life, which exactly imaged himself. But, being dissatisfied, he threw these two out of the Garden, to wander in the wilderness for eternity, since he could not endeavor to destroy something so close to his own image.
Do these beings still walk the Earth? In all obvious aspects, they must. For at that time, all of the Earth, outside of Eden, was considered Nod. If these were made in his own, exact image, then, how could we assume death? At no time, did the texts speak of God destroying, or even being unhappy with his creation, just dissatisfied. We can imagine that with Lucifer have growing so strong not long before, that perhaps God did not want something of that strain to happen again and sent the beings to wander.

With my mention earlier of ancient texts and how they could be misleading, let me add one thing. These texts, which I mention, were found alongside the famous 'Dead Sea' scrolls. Having been sealed away for centuries, it is almost impossible to believe that some unscrupulous individual looking for some sort of gain could have planted them.

© 2001 Sister Raven


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