Praise Gawd!!!!!!!!!!!!                            

  • by Patriot Casey

  • Sitting around, masturbatory overload and a wave of mental ejaculation spews forth new blaspemy that will make the sickest and most depraved of preachers and prophets shudder in corgasmic ectsacy.

    "Oh gawd what hev' I done to this retched creation of our heavenly father paw?"

    "Dang nabbit, Curtice, now I told ya, you's can't be poking yur sister like that with branding irons while huffin diesal fuel in the barn! I think ya done broke another one. Go on git her buried in back a the cow pasture and git her good and deep or the damn dogs'll be diggin her up like ole Lucy Ann."

    "Gee paw you and grannma gonna be makin another friend for me?"

    "Nat if you go and keep on a manglin em like you been a doin. Now git and efterwards you git on over ta father Sylis and git some prayin done. Buts, you be makin sure you don't be tellin everthang."

    The problem with barn yard frolics behind the barn with the Pootinnikles is this - They get so filled up with their false, blaspheming holy spirit they forget thier socail graces and have mass orgies with eachother and some of their poor live stock gets the unfortunate expieriance of getting thrown into the mix of satan, while they inhale pesticides and diesal fuels and that sometimes they get a little carried away. Like what was stated above.

    What ever are we to do with these deviants of satan who claim that thier God is the same Christian deity that we all love and worrship? I, Milton Love, Minister of Immortal Souls of Christ Ministries propose to go out there with our crucifixes, the holy bible and flame-throwers and burn them inbreeding sons a bitches with Gods holy fire and send them cousin piddling no good doers back to hells eternal fires.

    Now please don't get me wrong! There is absolutly nothing wrong with a little fun, with the opposite sex and when that other person of the opposite gender is a God fearing Christian. But, I abhore sexual copulation with family members and animals. Them homosexuals must be burned off the face of the planet aswell!

    If all of you who truley are with God and are willing to help us with our holy crucade to dispose of these satan loving perverts then you can surly make a modest contribution of two hundred dollers to - 


    God inc. 060606                          Immortal Souls of Christ Minnistries. 777Salem Mass.

    Thank you for your support and may Gods eternal light shine forever on your head.

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