• By Casey

  • It is a tragedy what happend tuesday morning in new york. The situation
    goes to show the intolerance the worlds still suffers today when it comes
    to religious fanaticism and political ideas.
    Also, it shows the complacency we Americans have when it comes to our own
    comfort, that it could never be attacked in a scale such as this. It goes
    to show that a situation such as this one can happen anywhere in the world.
    And in all actuallity, it was a strike against the world, not just America.
    I am an American living in Germany. A friend of mine called me up
    tuesday afternoon while I was at work to tell me what was going on. I was
    terrified. I wanted nothing more than to be at home with my family during
    this. I called my stepmother and sister the other day and what they had to
    tell me was even more terrifying than the incident in new york. They told
    me of incidents where Arab Americans were getting attacked on the streets.
    Only because it was Arabics who committed these acts of terrorism. Anyone
    could be a potential terrorist. They live across the street from you, they
    live next door to me. They are white, brown, they have beards or they could
    be our friends. We never know who they are. Where American flags wave
    everywhere. Wanting of blood and war. I read a letter printed in the bee
    which said that the groups responsible for this might be too small for
    sufficient revenge. Americans I know here in Germany are screaming for
    blood as well. If we go to war and invade some other country because of
    their beliefs it would be no different than genocide. Is America just as
    desperate to seek revenge that we degress into mid-evil thinking, that
    blood for blood, an eye for an eye is the answer? To go senselessly
    attacking innocent people because of their colour? Is this the solution? I
    hear George Bush promising war, I see American flags waving everywhere, I
    read the e-mails sent to me and I realise that this is nothing but
    propaganda for war. The nation is thirsty for revenge. It scares me.
    It is important to find out who did this. We know that Bin Laden is
    somehow behind it. Like a father who guides his children, surely he guided
    the smaller terrorrist cells with financial support and advice. Bin Laden
    is, in a matter of speaking, a mastermind, a supporter. Instead of acting
    out our first instinct and going into a country where we hardly understand
    the people's culture and beliefs, we need to look at the situation
    carefully and deal with it according to human rights. To capture him with
    intelligence instead of open war. Violence against violence is not the
    answer! Terrorism will never be eradicated. If we go into some other
    country with intention to start war, it will only confirm their animosity
    towards Americans. So would the answer be to kill them all?
    Just remember that America helped bring Bin Laden into the power that he
    holds today when it supplied him with weapons and money to chase the
    Russians out of Afghanistan.That America schooled these terrorists. So did
    other countries around the world.
    It is important to consider what we are thinking, writing and saying. To
    remember the past before we do things that can end the future.

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