The motives of the Church.

  • By Billy Lewis

  • Motives of the Church

    This is the thing that gets me about religions, specifically Christian
    religions. Each person is always trying to get a head in life. They try to
    secure a better financial status, to buy a bigger house to buy a nicer car so
    that they can feel better about themselves. They take care of themselves by
    eating health food and going to the gym. Try to become better people, to
    leadbetter lives.

    Try to, in a sense, attain perfection. To become the single
    point of human perfection. And it is all a race to see who can get there
    before who. But when you have religions preaching at you every sunday that
    jesus is perfect and nobody will ever be like jesus nobody will ever be
    perfect. So this gets people to abandon their dreams and attempts to become

    What are people without dreams? Nothing, they are functionless
    brains with broken wills and bruised sense of desires ripe and fresh for the
    taking. So by continuing to go to church they are slowly manipulated into
    doing the work of this perfect being because thats as close as they will ever
    let you come to being something more than nothing. So you carry out these
    tasks without questioning them because your will is broken so you dont even
    care to stop and think about what you are doing or why.

    Congratulations, you are now a brainwashed member of the church. Sounds like a cult to me,whatsnext you will all be wearing nikes and staring at comets?
    -Billy Lewis-


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