Response to the bill on banning gay marriage in the United Sates: Theocracy here we come!

I'm straight and Christian.

However, I am ashamed of my fellow Christians for forcing this issue and for spewing such hate. I loathe that kind of hypocrisy! This bill is the most ANTI-AMERICAN thing I have ever heard of to date!

This country was FOUNDED on freedom of religion but that means you have to tolerate differences. People are allowed to believe in anything they want! If you think it is a sin, so be it, but we have NO RIGHT to FORCE our beliefs on others. Gays and gay marriage HURTS nobody! Our right to FREE SPEECH allows us to share our ideas and spirituality but not to ram it down people's throats! The last thing we need is another freaking CRUSADE (historically speaking) that will only result in more sin and death. We have a diverse country (which I am proud of) and this hole anit-gay-marriange thing is a predominantly religious idea and a waste of time. One of the corner stones of our government is the separation of church and state! Without that, you end up with countries like those in the middle east and it becomes a horrid dictatorship where human rights are violated every minute. That is not the kind of place I want to live in!!!!!! All this antigay stuff is religious based which should make the argument MOOT when it comes to making law. No matter how much you may dislike the idea, none of us has a right to tell people who they can and cannot love! That very notion is what allows YOU and ME to have our spiritual beliefs and lifestyles as well !

FAITH comes by CHOICE not by FORCE!!!!!!!!!!!

Those of you who love to quote the Bible and throw out Judeo-Christian ideals for your reasons for such a bill that would violate the rights of our citizens to their pursuit of happiness keep forgetting that not everyone in this country believes what you believe (and they have that right whether they practice other religions or none at all) - therefore, a bill that is based on a religious idea BLATANTLY VIOLATES our constitution and you literally have begun throwing FREEDOM out the door!!!!!!!

What will come next?  Are you gonna then start forcing arranged marriages? Are we going to slide back to the prehistoric days when people were not allowed to marry someone from another race? Are we going to make it illegal for people of different faiths to marry? How about height, hair color, eye color, what about income class distinction? Are women going to have to end up wearing BURQAS so they are covered from head to toe to cover their "sinful" bodies? OK, people - no need to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan anymore, they've come to America and instead of a Muslim regime, it will be the Christian Taliban run by our very own George W and his coalition of right wing fundamentalist bible-thumping preachers! No more secular government - a cabinet full of zealots! Wooo hoooo! THAT is what I fear! OH THE ARROGANCE!!!!!!!

Also - it's simply none of your business who people love, what's going on in their bedroom, etc. It annoys me to no end that my fellow Christians love to spout about how "sinful" and "perverse" they think homosexuality is - for goodness sake, what are YOU doing poking your nose into someone else's private sexual affairs anyway? Don't you have anything better to do? Too much time on your hands? I have NO DESIRE to poke my nose into what two consenting ADULTS are doing in the privacy of their own home! My, my....who is the pervert now?

One more issue that will surely get tomatoes thrown at me is this: I don't believe homosexuality is a CHOICE. I believe in the depths of my soul that our gay citizens and brothers and sisters are born that way and I believe it is IMMORAL to punish them for it. Why do I think this? Well, I have lots of reasons but I'll only sate this one: Simply put, I know that I could not be gay if I wanted to. I'm just not. period. So why would I, how could I, try to force a gay person to be straight or pretend to be just to make the rest of us more comfortable? I am straight and nothing could ever change that, and as a single person struggling in this world to find that special someone of my own, and often feeling frustrated and disgusted with the opposite sex - I have sometimes considered changing teams for a minute  (sometimes just joking) but then I realize I can't. I'm not gay. I don't have those feelings and desires. It's not a choice, people. We need to accept that. Why would anyone choose to be something that would cause them to be persecuted? AND, don't we have better things to spend our time and energy on? Aren't there some terrorists to deal with? Poverty to overcome, diseases to cure, debt to pay, children to care for and raise, an environment to heal, and educational system to fix, a medical system to overhaul, soldiers to bring home and care for, and a country to defend?
Why...oh dear God, WHY are we wasting time on this CRAP??????? All because some insecure religious extremists are obsessed with something that is not hurting anyone at all. And don't give me that garbage about how it "hurts our children because it teaches them the wrong morals". Really? Whose morals? Yours? Mine? Christian? Jew? Muslim? Hindu? WHOSE MORALS? GOD'S? How arrogant of you to think that any of you can speak for GOD! Stop whining about how it will influence your children and teach your children your morals yourself! That's what my parents did...why can't you? If you raise your kids right, they will be just fine and know what your beliefs are and what you expect of them. But you can't force this. Outlawing marriage for gays will not stop them from being gay and it surely won't stop them from loving eachother. In this day and age, I am actually glad that SOMEBODY is loving SOMEBODY!

This bill is just plain wrong!

Shame on my fellow Christians! SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU! SHAME ON BUSH! SHAME ON THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT! HYPOCRITES! I weep for your souls! Passing this bill is a blatant act of hate, intolerance, and unconstitutional! How did we get to this point that people who claim to be Christian could do something so UNCHRISTIAN???? I fear this, I really do. You will surely sign your souls over to the devil for this oppression of your fellow human beings. Heaven is for the loving and tolerant not for bullies.

I hope America can rise above this shame.


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