Another great essay from Karen!! NEW!!!
Response to the bill on banning gay marriage in the United Sates: Theocracy here we come!
Ron's rebuttal of Jefferson article NEW!!!
Jefferson: Deist or Christian? Rebuttal by Ron, excellent!
Lord of the Sheep
Lord Jereth shares his Sheep Master go about!!
Xtian Clubbin'
Lord Jereth speaks yet again in this great article!!
The motives of the Church
This week we have a new piece by Billy Lewis, sit back and enjoy this submission from an Island dweller!!!
Random Thoughts and Comments for the Religious Right.
This week we have Randy Kendrick writing in with this great rant for the religious right idiot s... enjoy!!
The Blame Game?
The Lord speaks out again here at the Island, in an interesting read. Praise the Lord!!
RE: ?
Casey returns gentle reader!! Another read from the weird one for you enjoyment!
Who are we?
Here for your reading pleasure gentle reader is a little something by a new Island resident.. Sister Raven, enjoy!!
You Might Be A Fundy IF!!!! UPDATED
Here for your pleasure is the "You Might Be A Fundy If" collection. Read if you dare!! This rules!! Remember that it is divided into two pages, for ease of loading and such, the link to the next page is at the bottom of page 1.UPDATED 16 April!!
Bill Barnes has written this awesome piece for your reading pleasure, and I am honored to have it here at the Island!
Jesus Never Loved A Rabbit!!!
The Jen is back once more gentle reader, as she looks at Easter, and shows us the truth about those evil ass eggs!! She is soooo hot!
The Lord has made me know his love!! The first fan flash for the Island gentle reader!! This rules!!
More Satan??? YES!!!!
Patriot Knight has spotted more satanic computer power!!! PRAISE!!
A Present!!!!
Casey returns with more madness!!! He sooo needs HELP!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
The next piece by the Islands resident anti racist first class Karen!!! You´ll love this one gentle reader!!!
The first poem at the Island!! I am proud to have Patriot Karen and her poem here at the Island!!
Is God A Good Guy????
The Island's Atheist Jen is back!!!! Nice little ditty here gentle reader!!!
Jen's Letter To Her Fundy Aunt!!
Jen tells that evil fundy how it is gentle reader!
 God as a Musician
Lord Jereth adds to the insanity here gentle reader!
 Praise Gawd!!!!
Praise Patriot Casey, as he brings us a message from the Holy Spirit Folks ......
  Kiss me there little kid....
Thanks goes out to Patriot Richard!! Jesus like we never seen him before!!!
Power in Satan?
Thanks to Patriot Jerry for exposing what we knew all along..the true power in the computer!!!!
Strange and beautiful pictures from Barbara!! The Islands very own photographer! Her work will grace the Island gentle reader, and I am thrilled to have her here with the heathens!
What Christians really mean when they say.....
by Psycho Dave

What christians are really saying to you when you get the stand pat answers from them. Ever notice how the majority sound the same? Say the same things? Well gentle reader here the whole thing is decoded for you.

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